Backpacking Asia 101

Asia has always been on my list of places to travel solo, mainly because it is one of the safest places in the world for solo female travelers. During my time is Asia, I have seen breathtaking beaches, ate the most amazing foods, toured numerous different temples and even met fellow travelers from all across the globe who made my experience that much better. As one of the cheapest places in the world to travel, it was by far one of my most memorable (and at an extreemly low cost).



I Quit my job and left for Thailand. This was by far my most spontaneous trip, and the most rewarding. I left behind a job that completely changed on me after being called to active duty and made the decision to go and do whatever it was i felt like in that very moment. And when i glanced at my map, i noticed of all the places I've been, i had never seen those beautiful Thai beaches. So, off I went and my two week adventure just got better with time. 


Hong Kong

24 hours in Hong Kong? Challenge accepted. In an unexpected day and a half layover, I hit the ground running, determined to experience all that Hong Kong had to offer in just a little over a day. Impossible to get the entire experience, yes, but it was still worth it. And those memories will be mine for the keeping. Always.  



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