The Top 5 Products For Dry/Damaged Naturally Curly Hair (Perfect for Transitioners)

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So, we all know the struggle - we all want soft, bouncy ringlets that reach the top of our denim jeans that also looks as long and as silky as homegirl from Tangled - but we’re all suffering from our dry, short, color-treated or chemically treated hair. So how does one style, moisturize and manage their kinky locs? Well, I’m no hair expert and I, by no means, have hair down my back, but I do have some helpful advice that has made some major changes along my natural hair journey


Side note: in case you didn’t know, I was once the long, bouncy ringlets mixed chick with big bouncy, soft curls that DID run down to my middle back. But, like most, I was trying to be like everyone else. So, I cut, permed, pulled and yes, BLEACHED my delicate curls until they became stringy, dead, dry and literally broke off (6 inches in one month to be exact!). So, I know a thing or two about the dream to #GetMyCurlsBack so I’m going to share with you lovely people what products I’ve been using as of late that have turned my dry, brittle, broken curls into soft, bouncy and shiny tresses again! Now just to get my length back! Which I am doing as well! Want to join my #LengthCheckChallenge? Just follow this length and join the cause!


So, to get started, let’s do a porosity test. AKA let’s find out your hair type. By doing this, we can see what TYPES of products you hair needs, not based on what I use, but what YOUR hair needs. For example, does your hair need products that are thick and creamy? Have amazing slip? Or a more light-weight product with minimal effort needed? The hair test will help you with this!


Step One:

Gather one strand of hair from three sections of your head; the front, sides, middle and bottom/back section. Why do we need to do this? Well, your hair can be different on each side! Your curls could very well be different “patterns” depending on which side of your head you’re looking at! For example, on my right side of my head I have tight spirals, that only need a creamy leave-in to “spring” into action (I think that’s my afro-american side showing lol). On the left side, that suffered a severe amount of bleaching damage, my curls are a bit more loose and wavy (like my moms bright red, spanish hair when she was my age). Now, in the middle/back and bottom sections of my head, meets the dryyyyyy, brittle sections that need A LOT of attention to get the curls to act right.

So, you see? The hair test allows me to see what products I need based off of my curl type (yes, I have to mix products in my regimen. More on that later though).

After you have all four strands of hair, grab a glass of water (filled halfway) and drop one hair in - wait about 1-3 minutes. Does it sink or float? If your hair sinks, this means you have Highly Porous hair. If it floats, then you have Low Porosity hair.


Step Two:

Now that I know what my hair porosity is, what now? Great question. Hair with low porosity is hair that is considered more “healthy”. It will look shiny and is often more hard to process and often repels moisture when you try to wet it. This type of hair also more prone to build up, try sticking to daily conditioners with humectants like honey and glycerin. Low porosity hair favors more to shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil, so choose lighter, liquid-based products in your hair care routine.

Hair kinda stayed in the middle? Maybe you have medium porosity hair then. This means your hair is most likely the kind that requires the LEAST maintenance. It allows just the right amount of moisture in while also preventing too much from escaping. This type of hair has been known to old styles, perms and color well more often than not. Deep conditioning on a regular basis with protein treatments can really benefit your hair regimen, but I wouldn't add protein in your daily hair care regimen.

High porosity hair, on the other hand is usually a result of chemically damaged or rough treated hair. In this type of hair, you’ll find gaps and holes within the cuticle, allowing moisture to escape quickly, leaving hair more prone to tangles and frizz. It is important to use leave in conditioners, moisturizers and a sealant in your hair care routine.


Step Three:

Now that you know what your specific hair type is, we can dive into the fun part


Again, i’m no hair expert, but I have highly porous hair, meaning I traditionally need a leave in, moisturizer and a sealant. To see my hair care routine you can view the clip below!


Leave-in conditioner

By far my favorite of all time, Camille Rose Moisture Milk; a rich, creamy leave-in with incredible slip and an even more incredible smell! Best part is, no need to look around for it anymore - CVS, Target and even some Walmart’s now carry this line! No more Google-ing “black hair care stores” on your iphone lol.


Mixed chicks - a perfect addition to my low and medium porosity afro-curly chicks. It not only has incredible slip but it can act as a one-product fix all. The original wash ‘n go, people!! Down side? It’s a pretty heafty price and if you have thick, long hair like I do - it won’t last you long.



The latest addition to my hair care regimen, Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter, a suuuppper thick, more heavy, delicious-smelling moisturizer where a little goes a long way.

I’m telling you, when I do a REALLY thorough wash ‘n go with the Camille Rose line, it lasts me 3+ days, I only need a slight refresh by day 3.



I never would’ve thought - ORS Olive Oil Hydrating Butter. Now, this right here is a God sent. I only use about a dime sized amount in each section (4-6 sections) and when I tell it melts into the palm of my hands and seductively coats my curls! Girl!! Lol.

I saw a review of this product on YouTube and thought I would give it a try, amazing results! I will say it did kind of weight down my curls, and was a liiiiitle more oily on the cuticle than expected, but it was really what my hair needed - no tangle, no frizz. I actually was able to pop my hair into a pineapple, wake up, shake it out and go on about my day - look at God.



Now, I don’t care what type of curls you have, everyone needs a sealant. Not only does it strengthen and help aid hair growth, but it locks in any added moisture, which we could all use am I right?? Here are a few that I’m loving right now:

Castor Oil has really helped me grow and strengthen my hair over the last 2-4 months. I cut off about an inch or so a month ago because I noticed a bit of damaged curls hanging on in there, and I’ve never been afraid of scissors when it came to my mane. I will usually rub some where my baby hairs are (since I am alllways slicking back my hair, I can be prone to breakage here) and usually will take a quarter size amount and smooth it through as a final step in my wash ‘n go or curly hair routine. I will say, this oil is very heavy, so don’t apply too much.

Bonus Tip: try mixing some in your shampoo and conditioner to promote hair growth and leave your strands shiny and silky.

Moroccan Oil. As the newest addition to my sealant line, moroccan oil really has done wonders. I’ve skipped product application entirely before and ONLY used moroccan oil for a stretched hair style and my hair was so soft and shiny and light-feeling. I was very impressed! I always thought this type of oil was solely for “white girl hair” but when I gave it a try I was NOT disappointed in the least.

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I took June 1st as a day to start a new leaf in my hair care routine. I have been implementing low hair maintenance, fatty oils, hair vitamins and bi-weekly deep conditioning overnight treatments into my hair regimen. I’m on my way to waist length yall!! I even took a before and after picture - which I am so excited to share with you guys in my Length Check blogs coming up soon! Wish me luck!

I hope you were able to learn a little something new about your hair and now can add the RIGHT products for YOUR hair type into your regimen. I would love to hear your feedback on my post and testimonial about your hair journey, feel free to comment below. I’ll talk to you guys soon!

- Liv

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