Island Getaways

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to run off to a beach in the middle of nowhere and spend their days eating conch, sippin’ beach-side cocktails and relaxing in powdery white sands? Well, I’m here to break the standard of beach getaways. I’ll take you step-by-step of how I relax on some of the worlds’ most amazing beaches – and all for under $1000 a trip.


Turks & Caicos

What a wonderful way to celebrate my 24th – on the beaches of Turks & Caicos. I initially wanted to spend my long weekend in Belize, but I couldn’t pass up my super cheap flight. Allow me to show you just how budget friendly – or how luxurious this island can truly be.  



What better way to celebrate my 3 year anniversary! Keep a look out and be sure to subscribe to see what amazing resorts, tours and dinning we will be indulging in for 5 days!



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