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Hey there! I'm Liv, founder of Liv's Lifestyles. I'm building a community of millennial like-minded women who all aspire to live a lifestyle that they've always dreamed.I hope to pave the way for Limitless Lifestyle chasers just like you, so join the community and start LIVing a Limitless Lifestyle.

At the Limitless Lifestyles Academy, you'll learn the top-paying online skills to build your online business to start living your Limitless Lifestyle. With the help of these online courses, you'll be able to work from anywhere in the world. Yes, that means buying the bag, booking that flight and spending more time with family!



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If you're like (the old) me, then your long commute to work consisted of you daydreaming about all the places you wish you could travel to, swiping through Pinterest on all the cute shoes, bags and clothes you WISH you could afford and constantly missing your (dog) children while your stuck inside your old, quite office, sitting at your grey, plain desk and counting down the moments until your 15 minutes break - just so you could sit in your car and daydream all over again. 

I wasn't happy - I was stuck inside my tiny, grey cubicle so annoyed that I was required to work 8 hours a day just to get work done. I would dread my 15 minute breaks in my car because that meant having to walk outside and see the beautiful day I was missing out on. 

Well, pop the champaign and whip out your notepads! It's time to turn the tables on the American Dream and recreate your very own Limitless Lifestyle - and I'm here to help!



So, if you're here then...

  • You dread working at your 9-5; missing out on games, recitals, adventure and time for YOU.

  • You want a life filled with family, friends, adventure, luxury and fun!

  • Are tired of working to build someone else dream and want to be your own boss.

  • Feel totally alone in your dream of a Limitless Lifestyle. 



How Did I Start LIVing This Limitless Lifestyle Anyway?

I must admit, I'm really bougie. I love fine dinning, private wine tastings, shopping at Nordstrom and staying at the W hotel. But I kept hitting this "wall" in my life. I would always get the high-paying job to fund my lux lifestyle, but It didn't come with the flexibility I wanted - I wanted to enjoy long lunches, enjoy the sun and cool breezes BEFORE 6pm, workout in the mornings without having to jump back into my Army 4am habits and travel whenever I wanted - and for weeks, NOT DAYS, at a time. 


But how could I do this? I would either have to take a pay cut to get the vacation I wanted or keep the high-paying corporate job I had. Everytime I complained to friends and family, they all said the same things; "work hard now and save to travel when you retire and really enjoy your money.", "welcome to the adult world", "you can't buy red-bottom heels and think you can travel once a month to paces like Italy, Paris and Thailand."

Well, If you don't already know me, know this - when I say I'm going to make something happen - I do it. I had to come up with a way to live the best of both worlds; I wanted to shop in Highland Park Village, dine at Del Friscos fo lunch and STILL trekk across the globe without a backpackers budget (unless I wanted to of course). That's when Limitless Lifestyles was born. 

I'm here to show you that you don't have to choose. If you want to work from home to spend more time with family, or travel more or you want to make more money to buy that designer bag you always wanted - you're in the right place. Who cares what the world says, take hold of your life and live by your own rules. Here's where you start. 



It’s time to redefine the rules. Rewrite the “American Dream”. You can either continue to sleep with the dream of LIVing a truly Limitless Lifestyle, or wake up and chase it
— Liv

I'm Ticking Off My Bucketlist & Living My BEST Life!

I'm truly living my BEST life and I'm here to help you recreate your own. Welcome to the community! For the past 3.5 years I've been traveling the world, ticking off my bucket list trekking across places like:

✔ Island Hop In Thailand

✔ Indulge in Gellato In Italy

✔ Relax On The Turks & Caicos Islands

✔ Venture To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower

✔ Enjoy Belgium Waffles On The Streets Of Brussels

✔ Dance The Night Away In Barcelona

✔ Brunch At The Monte Carlo Farmer's Market

✔ Drink (Or Try) With The Irish



So What's Stopping You Girl?!

No more making excuses, no more fear, no more self-doubt. It's time to stop sleeping with your dreams, it's time to wake up and chase them. This is the place to start!

Limitless Lifestyles is a resources HUB for people just like you; people who want to flip their worlds upside down, people who want t redefine the American Dream, people who want it all but everyone is telling them how they can't or it's impossible. Join the Limitless Lifestyles Community and start LIVing the life you've always wanted.