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So, wth is this about? In 2012 I completed my first tour overseas. I was just a teenager and had no identity of my own. It was all Army and all the time. It wasn’t until after my deployment was over that I realized how big the world truly is. I made it my mission to Seek Wanderlust with the hopes that I could one day pursue it full-time.

I have now traveled over 20 countries solo. People are always so amazed when they find out I'm a solo female travel blogger, but travel is my passion and being a travel blogger has become my outlet. This travel and lifestyle blog was put together in hopes of helping fellow travel bloggers, female travel bloggers, or anyone who engages in solo travel pick up a few travel hacks, packing tips and see all of the amazing travel destinations out there! So join me in seeking Wanderlust - subscribe, like, comment and share and help Liv’s Travel’s Seek Wanderlust full-time.

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 Photo not taken by me

Photo not taken by me

Hong Kong in a Layover? Challenge Accepted!

So, on my way back home from trekking Thailand for 2 weeks solo, I was lucky enough to have a pretty long layover in Hong Kong. Although at first I was mad because I knew I would hate having to wait in an airport that long, I was determined to find adventure – even if I could only do so in 8hrs or less.

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  I took over Turks & Caicos for 3 days under $800! Read about it here!

I took over Turks & Caicos for 3 days under $800! Read about it here!

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