I Quit my Job and Left for Thailand


I quit my job and left for Thailand

My dream job became not so dreamy after they realized being in the Army meant having to train. And with that training came great responsibility. I had to miss work for the whole month!! imagine that - your perfect job and now you have to leave it (and the pay that comes with it). With my unit deploying for a second tour right around the corner, I had to complete AT training in the oh-so-lovely Wisconsin and then PMT training immediately after. Well, that meant missing another exciting work conference and my chance to wow my superiors at my new job.

Long story short, I came home to a very different company culture. I was replaced with who looked like a replica of myself and my entire office (along with all of my personal belongings) was boxed up and taken away. My computer screens, cords, speakers and yes, even my pens were all gone. I was left with a dusty desk and cold white room. What happened!? I was only gone for three weeks! Did they think I died and was never going to return? Did I mistakenly put in a two weeks notice rather than hand over my memorandum for training?? Nope, my job just saw me as an expendable employee and was tired of dealing with the “inconveniences” of employing a service member. Lucky for me, I was aware this would happen. I was warned by two relatives of my company CEO and VP that once they found out about my deploying they would try to “get rid of me to avoid having to pay or reemploy me”. Pathetic right? No worries, I was already looking for back up plans after learning of this. But geez, I thought they liked me, I thought they were proud and impressed by my work ethic and results. Guess not. They were sure to cover their tracks though,”we support our military Liv...” yet, you were just trying to write me up for leaving to training a week ago…..

CFJ Manufacturing (whoops, did I say that?) was by far one of my greatest disappointments. A place I was once excited to make friends and spend the next several years of my young professional life with - abandoned me as soon as the Army called.

So I repaid the favor, I found a better job (with a $10k raise, better vacation, more PTO, and double the Sick days) right down the street from their decrepit office building and quit. Oh, don't be alarmed I made sure to write my formal EEO complaint on my way out. I boxed up my things, and my pens, and left with no hesitation. I accepted my new job offer and bought a plane ticket to Thailand that day (and for a pretty good price too). Nothing and no one would continue to hold me down. I needed to "de-stressor" and time away, this company had made me a miserable person (and in just 6 months of my being there). So here I am, sitting in the USO with my fellow service members (reaping the benefits of my 6 years of service) and prepping for my 13hr flight to Tokyo.

As for CFJ Manufacturing, they’re probably sitting in the conference room filling out bids and profiles to take on new clients while padding their own “resume”.


More on that later though.

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