Nook Dee Resort & Spa: Review

 The entrance to the resort front office. 

The entrance to the resort front office. 

Check-in: Monday, October 16th 0830
Check-out: Tuesday, October 17th 0700

I checked into my resort an hour early than expected - guess I was just too excited to experience staying at a resort in a foreign country for the first time. The employees were extremely professional and very accommodating to my being there early. I was welcomed by a cool towel and a cup of pumpkin juice, which was delightful and much needed after a long morning of trekking about the island.

They took my bags and put them away until my room was ready and I immediately went wondering about the resort grounds. It was absolutely amazing! There were several different room options with roof-top patios, jacuzzi tubs right outside their patio door covered by curtains and rose petals. There were dinning options, a gym, an infinity pool and even a rooftop lounge overlooking the beach and ocean – perfect for watching the sunset.

As I was prepping to dive into the infinity pool right near the cabana bar, a hotel employee came over to me and offered me a beach towel and offered me a drink. I was looking forward to the buy 1 get 1 happy hour at 2:00pm, so I waited.


The pool area was breathtaking, and since I decided to travel in the green months (October), it seemed like I had the entire resort to myself.


9:00am and the hotel bell boy came over and invited me to check into my room, he grabbed my belongings and walked me to my room – the first floor with an ocean front room!

There was no corner of that room that was not swept, cleaned, dusted or decorated – and I mean right down to the elephant-shaped linens folded and presented on my bed.  

My room was absolutely perfect and the atmosphere of perfection and seclusion followed me all throughout the resort. I enjoyed the happy hour specials as well as the sunset “party” on the rooftop – breathtaking.

 My amazing room with a perfect view of the beach/ocean. 

My amazing room with a perfect view of the beach/ocean. 

Heads up: this is a resort, so be prepared to see a hefty tax on everything you purchase there. Long story short, my 400BHT breakfast came out to almost 500BHT, still not much more than 15-20USD, but it was a surprise to me so I thought I would share every detail with you.

Long story short, down to hunting down my tour guide that I booked through another hotel, Nook Dee went above and beyond, 5 out of 5 stars from this avid traveler. I plan to return to Thailand soon, and Nook Dee can expect to see my smiling face walking through those double doors right after I land.  

 I spent my evening enjoying the cocktails on the rooftop (which I had alll to myself)!

I spent my evening enjoying the cocktails on the rooftop (which I had alll to myself)!

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