Top 5 Eats & Drinks in Thailand

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So, I am an avid foodie when it comes to travel. I have made it my life's mission to try every traditional dish and drink wherever I venture off to. I'm going to share with you a few of my favorite eats and drinks while trekking Thailand, enjoy!

1.   Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is exactly how it reads; fresh mango fruit, sticky rice, and warm coconut milk on the side. This is a traditional Thai dessert made fresh to order and eaten with a fork, spoon or sometimes hands. You can grab this off of a street vendor for under 7THB, or, you can head over to the well-renowned Absolute Mango like I did and grab this along with several other mango treats for anywhere between 5-15THB.


2.   Mango Ice Cream

This traditional Thai ice cream lies somewhere between an ice cream and sorbet. It’s always served fresh and can cost as low at 5THB. I probably had an overdose of this frozen treat while trekking Thailand, but it was sooo worth it. Be sure to put this treat on your bucket list must-eats.


3.   Coconut Ice Cream

It took me forever to find coconut ice cream surprisingly. But putting it on my list after trekking all over the island made this a bucket list must-eat. If you’re lucky, you can get this icy treat served straight out of a coconut shell! For some reason, that made it taste even better haha!

 Photo not taken by me

Photo not taken by me

4.   Pad Thai

Okay, maybe this should have been number one on my list, but this seemed like all I ate while I was in Thailand. You could find this traditional dish on street carts, tiny mom and pop restaurants or even you resort or hotel. I preferred to try Pad Thai at 2-3 restaurants that I had read great reviews over and then find my own hidden gem to try. I never spent over 15THB for this dish, and I never needed to  - even the cheapest dish I bought was loaded with food – no need for dessert or seconds (although I made room for some lol)


5.   Thai Iced Coffee

I totally recommend grabbing your first cup at Blue Horizon in Phuket. But even for a non-coffee drinker, this was truly a delectable experience. Even the presentation and ambiance of the restaurant was perfect; all of the employees were so sweet and waited on me hand and foot, and the prices were the best part. For about 25THB I got Pad Thai, Shrimp Tom Goong soup, Iced Coffee and a fruit smoothie. And that was just lunch!

 Photo not taken by me

Photo not taken by me

What are your favorite eats and drinks when you travel? Comment below and share your secrets with me. Hope to see you around the world somewhere!

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