How to Save on Travel

How to save on travel. It always gives me warm and fuzzies when I’m able to go on the adventure of a lifetime and barely come out of pocket for hotels, airfare and tours. I wanted to give you a sneak peek into some of the outlets I use to book my airfare and hotels for super cheap. Who knows, maybe there will be something in it for you!

1. Flights: I tend to use CheapOair or Skyscanner for majority of my adventure searches. The amazing thing about this is the ability to search from all across the globe (if you’re like me and don’t always know where you want to go, you just know you want to go somewhere). Simply click on the “explore” tab on your screen and type in the city you would like to depart from and for the location you want to fly to just type in “Everywhere”. This allows you to see the cheapest locations in the world you can fly to. This is perfect for my weekend of Wanderlust trips that I take and I always find the cheapest flights this way. Ready to book? Simply click here and I’ll take you to your next adventure.


Airfare watchdog:  this is another perfect outlet to use when searching for affordable flights. Slightly to similar to Skyscanner, you can view the cheapest times of the month or year to fly into whatever location you are trying to travel to. The best part? You can save or bookmark the cheap flights that you do find and the app will notify you any time the price of the flight increases or decreases. Game changer! Now you can measure what days of the week or what times of the day affect how your flight price fluctuates and make the most price conscious decision.


CheapDFW: if you follow Liv’s Travels on Facebook, then you see me post these flights almost daily. DFW and Houston are the best airports to fly out of in the state of Texas. Why? You find the cheapest flights and have way more options when it comes to international travel. What do I mean by that? Easy, ATX may not have a flight to Jamaica 3/3 – 3/10 (and if it does it’s a heaping $1000) but Houston may have the flight and only charge $600. See what I mean? You need to do plenty of research when it comes to vacation, even if you have the pennies to spend. Why pay more when you can pay less and travel more?


2. Hotels: yes, I know, its creepy that I stay at hostels. But I find this the most affordable option and it always places me in the best locations of wherever I’m traveling. For example, I wanted to put steps away from Rome’s city center but didn’t want to pay the price of an expensive resort or hotel, especially if I didn’t plan on staying in the room for more than sleeping and showering. has allowed me to find the cheapest rates, read the most up-to-date reviews and even earn points towards free nights when I complete a stay. Yes, free nights! Ready to book? yes, I use this sometimes too. It is similar to that of in that you can see the lowest prices for rooms everywhere along with recent reviews and deals. The only downside? The pop ups, to be honest, I prefer to just go to one website and put in my information and stay on the same page and see all of my options all at once. But hey, to each their own. Both sites do offer the ability to search for rental and flights through the main site, I’ve personally never done this due to my ability to find my own flights for so low. curious as to how I stayed at a $300 p/n resort for only $60-70? This is the site for you! Prefect for all international travel as well as tours and helpful tips, Agoda has been a lifesaver when it comes to overseas travel for me. They guarantee the lowest prices on hotels, homes and more – worldwide. Have I looked at homes? No. but I did find my resort for the low! It’s headquartered in Singapore, so expect to only see lodging options in Asia.


Airbnb: now what kind of traveler would I be if I didn’t have Airbnb on here!? I’m sure this isn’t new to you, but Airbnb is a travel goldmine! Especially for location where typical hotels are crazy expensive. In Turks and Caicos, the average hotel in a whopping $600! Ummm who’s going to pay that? No I. So, off to Airbnb I went, and found an amazing apartment all to myself only a 5minute walk to Grace Bay for $115.00 p/n. Looking to save even more money? Use my code and get $40.00 off your Airbnb!

Who says travel has to mean breaking the bank_!.png

What are your favorite travel tools to use to save money while seeking Wanderlust? Comment below and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you soon!

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